Residential Pest Control

HMO Residential Pest Control ensures you enjoy safe and serene living by keeping the pesky little pests at bay. We’re a trusted and reputed choice in and around Charlotte, Gastonia, and Monroe.

Trust the Local Experts at HMO Residential Pest Control 

When it comes to protecting your home and family from pests, you need a reliable pest control company that gets results. That’s why you should choose HMO Pest Control as your residential pest control expert. 

With over 22 years of experience handling pest issues in Charlotte, Gastonia, and Monroe homes, we know exactly how to eradicate your pest problem quickly and effectively. All of our technicians are licensed and well-experienced to handle your residential project.

Residential pest control

Why Us

  • Competitive Pricing 
  • Locally owned and operated 
  • Owner Been in Business Since 2002
  • Eco-friendly pest control options available  
  • Fast response time   
  • Licensed general contractor, home inspector, and pest control operator   

Don’t wait for a small pest issue to become a major infestation. Contact the residential pest experts at HMO Pest Control today to schedule your free estimate!

Our Residential Pest Control Services

At HMO Residential Pest Control, we offer complete pest control solutions customized for each home. Our licensed technicians can effectively eliminate infestations of all kinds, including roaches, spiders, ants, silverfish, mice, and more. We take the time to thoroughly inspect your home and seal up the major entry points of pests. We also utilize targeted treatments to remove these little invaders and prevent new ones from getting in. Our residential pest control services come with a satisfaction guarantee. The treatment and solutions we provide are eco-friendly and protect your home from pests and their damage.  With flexible booking, reasonable rates, and unparalleled results, you can trust HMO Pest Control to rid your residential property of pests for good. Pests don’t stand a chance against the experts at HMO Pest Control. With over 22 years serving the community, we know how to eliminate infestations while keeping your family safe permanently. 

Please feel free to call today for a free quote and schedule your residential pest control service. Let us customize an effective plan to put an end to pests and prevent future invaders for good!

Types of Residential Pests We Control

Unwanted Pests?  

No one wants unexpected and uninvited visitors creeping into their home. We specialize in pest control and removal for all kinds of pests that may try to make themselves at home where they don’t belong. 

  • Bed Bugs  

Bed bugs can sneak their way into even the cleanest of homes and once they settle in, they’re extremely difficult to get rid of. We use the latest techniques and solutions for inspecting your home, locating all bed bug hiding spots, and eliminating them completely.  

  • Termites 

Termites do billions of dollars in damage each year in the US by silently feasting on homes from the inside out. Stop them in their tracks with our high-tech termite treatment solutions. We locate and destroy termite nests as well as provide preventative treatments.

  • Rodent

Rodents can squeeze their way into the tiniest of cracks and crevices, contaminating food, spreading disease, and even causing property damage by chewing on wires. Our rodent removal services seal up entry points, set traps, and ensure these unwanted critters are evicted – and stay out!

  • Carpenter Ants 

If you spot big black ants with a powerful bite and notice strange tunnels appearing in wood, you likely have carpenter ants boring away in places that could severely weaken structures. Let our ant control pros halt them in their tracks and prevent immense damage.

  • Spider

Cobwebs in corners and skittering spiders big and small are more than nuisances – some can even pose dangers you may not expect. Our spider removal services clear them all out and apply treatments to discourage webs from appearing so you can live pest-free.

Benefits Of Our Residential Pest Control Services

1. Prevent Damage to Your Property

Pests like termites and carpenter ants can cause major structural damage as they chew through wood. Getting our pest control treatment can prevent expensive repairs.

2. Avoid Health Hazards

Pests carry diseases and can get into food. Pest control keeps your living spaces clean and helps avoid health issues. We help you get rid of pests like mice, rats, and cockroaches in no time. 

3. Eliminate Allergy Triggers

Pest droppings and carcasses can trigger allergies in sensitive individuals. Our professional pest control removes these allergens from your home’s environment.

4. Prevent Infestations

Getting our pest control treatment prevents minor issues from ballooning into full-blown infestations down the road. It’s much easier to treat a small pest problem early on.

5. 100% Satisfaction

Once pests take up residence in your home, just catching a glimpse of them can be disturbing. Our effective pest control gives you the reassurance that home invaders have been evicted!

Keeping Your Pest Problems at Bay 

Our team has the knowledge and tools to eliminate bed bugs, termites, rodents, carpenter ants, spiders, and other pests. Let us handle your pest control needs quickly and effectively so you can go back to living pest-free and worry-free in the comfort of your home. Call today for a quote!